Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to Install Dewalinux

you all are curious about the DewaLinux Papuma, can download it at Mirror Universitas Jember As is known DewaLinux is derived from Ubuntu, so installation is very similar to her mother. Here are step by step installation DewaLinux.
1. Installation Preparation

2. Start Language Selection Installation

Choose your language for easy control in the installation
3. Site Selection

Select a location by moving the mouse or direct to the existing map.
4. Keyboard Selection

5. Preparation Partitions

6. Disk partitioning

Edit partition, specify the size of which will be used to DewaLinux. Format into ext3 or ext4 and do not be served until forget to specify the swap
7. Enter your Username and Password

Fill in the name of the computer that will be used. Then enter your username and password, and the need to remember is this part because if you forget it must get ready to do the installation again.
8. Ready to Install

Here will be shown all that has been done during installation: the kind of language, keyboard, region, computer name, username and partitions course which will be formatted and then will proceed with the installation
9. Installation Process

Until this section, prepare coffee and lit a cigarette. So the time will finish the installation process and DewaLinux Papuma ready to enjoy.

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