Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dewalinux Warnet

You want to make internet cafe or warnet linux-based linux? and requires a linux distro for a full cafe, very user friendly, not burden your pocket and in support of professional support? Warnet DewaLinux is the answer. Warnet DewaLinux 3.0 is an ubuntu based linux distro specifically for the cafe is developed based on the experience of running a linux-based internet cafe and have been equipped with various fitur2 and applications needed to run a linux cafe, both on the server side or client.

Warnet DewaLinux packaged in 1 DVD multidistro form. In a piece of this DVD there are two kinds of distributions that is DewaLinux DewaLinux Warnet Warnet Server and Client. All were in a state configured, so you only need to install on a server and client as much as possible, then can be operated directly without having to perform configurations difficult. Is ideal for those who want to migrate from Windows and Internet cafe for those who just want to open a cafe linux without wanting to be burdened cost-per-computer license exorbitant height.

Here are some applications that come included in the package Warnet DewaLinux 3.0

1. Gbilling - full featured billing system opensource

2. Internet Apps:
Firefox Web Browser - Fastest and Most Reliable Internet Web Browser
Pidgin IM - Multi Protocol Internet Messaging Client (YM, GTalk, MSN, FacebookChat, AIM, etc)
GyachI - Enhanced Yahoo Messenger with Webcam Support Client
XChat - Full Featured IRC client (similar to MIRC)
Transmission - Torrent Downloader  

3. Office Suite
Openoffice Writer - Word Processor
Openoffice Calc - Spreadsheet
Openoffice Impress - Presentation
Opendict - Dictionary English - Indonesia, Indonesia - English

4. Graphics
GIMP - Powerful Image Editing apps (similar to Adobe Photoshop)
Inkscape & SK1 - Vector Drawing apps (similar to Corel Draw)
F-Spot - Photo Manager apps

5. Multimedia
VLC - Full Featured Multimedia Player (with all codecs included)
Rythmbox - Music/mp3 Manager and Player (similar t0 iTunes)
Brasero - Powerful CD / DVD Burner (similar to Nero)

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  1. Greetings!Can someone post download links form Warnet DewaLinux 3.0?