Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04

Ubuntu is a distro that has a code name for each new release. After Ubuntu is supported by a 9.10 Karmic Koala, is based on an official post on the Ubuntu Wiki, Ubuntu will be released by 10.04 codename Lucid Lynx.

Lynx Lucid itself will be one version of the LTS (long-time support) of Ubuntu. Thus Lucid Lynx will be developed and supported its development over 5 years.

Ubuntu release schedule 10:04 Lucid Lynx:
- December 3, 2009. Alpha 1
- January 7, 2010. Alpha 2
- February 4, 2010. Alpha 3
- March 4, 2010. Beta 1
- April 1, 2010. Beta 2
- April 15, 2010. Release Candidate.
- April 29, 2010. Final Version.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hazards of Paper Packaging

Fried confectionary became many people's favorite snacks. Tasty and crispy taste blended nicely on the tongue and into its own opium. Fries wrapped in paper or plastic bags used color, then adverse health effects can be created in multiples.

Fried lovers, beware of fried dark and textured harder than normal conditions. Possibility fried remaining merchandise is not sold out the day before and then fried again by the seller.

Fraud story not yet finished. Because no little fried snacks prepared with cooking oil that has been used repeatedly aka jelantah oil. We certainly do not turn a blind eye to the seller who only profit-oriented, without considering the impact that must be borne by the buyer is not worth eating snacks.

Danger of cooking oil

The quality of cooking oil was reduced from a new cooking oil. Oil jelantah issued polymer content that can be absorbed in the food of trans fatty acids.

And in cooking oil, a chemical free radicals, such as peroxides and epioksida the mutagens and carcinogens are thus at risk for human health. For example, the results of peroxides in the oil resulting jelantah high temperature heating to health problems, particularly those associated with cholesterol metabolism.

Hazard waste paper food wrappers

Waste paper such as newspapers, magazines, or papers that have been mixed ink very dangerous for human body because the ink is toxic lead.

"When exposed to heat or oil from the fried, the ink is soluble in the food,"

Short-term acute hazards

Fried foods that have been exposed to lead can cause burning food in the mouth and throat, excessive salivation, abdominal pain accompanied by a great sense of heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea with black stools, bleeding, constipation, fatigue, sleep disturbances, restless , irritability, kidney disorders, brain disorders with vision, numbness, seizures to paralysis.

"Death may occur due to heart failure," he said.

Hazards of long-term chronic

When ingested, lead exposure is consumed over the long term even in small amounts, causing an accumulation in body tissues, ie bone, teeth, up to the brain and can cause effects on the kidneys, liver, blood, nervous, reproductive and endocrine systems immunity.

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Ubuntu Permalink

This experience when running with ubuntu wordpress, wordpress permalink exactly on. mod_rewrite error appears
After several attempts, and via google serching the thing to do is:
open file ni apache2
airaku @ airaku-desktop: ~ $ etc/apache2/sites-available/default:

Directory />
Options FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride All
/ Directory>
Default: AllowOverride None

then create a link on /etc/apache2/mods-enabled because there is no rewrite.conf, syntax:
airaku@airaku-desktop:~$sudo ln-s ../mods-available/rewrite.load./rewrite.conf

then restart apache:
airaku@airaku-desktop:~$sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

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Traditional Herbs

Many of the plants around our neighborhood that are not considered useful.
Mustaches for example some cats who think just as a decoration plants. But behind it benefits from the cat's whiskers alone could shed urinary stones and kidney stones or bladder stones are generally the term or kidney stones causes the crystallization of impurities in the body produced by the body's metabolic processes that should come out with urine and feces that settle because someone was often contain my bladder so that the droppings sediment art, could also be due to lack of water intake and resulted in the corresponding strong pain at the waist.

How to vary their consumption from beverages made until now been extracted into pills or capsules. This is a way to make drinks for the treatment of urinary stone disease or kidney stones at a low stage.

We can draw on their own and without side effects.
1. Prepare 1 handful of leaves, cat whiskers can be added as a sugar cube
2. Cook leaves the cat with water mustache approximately 4 cups boiling Blimbing wait until after the chill.
3. Miinum morning, afternoon and evening. So the day may be taken three times a day
(These ingredients are made from the mother to my own father)

May the stone beads that settle in the bladder we will come out, but at first will be sick because it still comes out of stone shaped like coarse salt crystals.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Ubuntu Pocket Guide

You are interested in Linux?, Especially Ubuntu, here are a complete tutorial from the installation process until all the Ubuntu system configuration. For beginners, this tutorial is very appropriate because the described extensively with pictures plus easy to understand.

Security techniques and familiar with various kinds of commands in Linux are also available. For the print version, can be obtained at
Here's the link : Ubuntu Pocket Guide

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

View Interesting Linux with GNOME LOOK

You never feel bored with the standard display in linux dektop that's all. This has a solution, gnome-look. There are provided various kinds of Wallpapers Icons Sounds Screenshots Schemes Skins Screensaver. Anyway desktop will look more cheerful and not boring.

Not until there is, you have blila good work can also be uploaded to the Web. No time again that fear with bertampilan linux minimal. Now a variation linux era, beautiful and certainly far from the affairs of the virus
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Accelerating the Firefox Browser

There are tricks to accelerate the run from the browser firefox. In FireFox address bar type : about:config The following will show some settings, the default setting from Firefox, change the search by clicking 2 times on compassionate setting the change, among others.

browser.turbo.enabled - set this to true
network.http.pipelining - set this to true
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests - set this to 32
network.http.proxy.pipelining - set this to true
network.dns.disableIPv6 value to TRUE

if for setting browser.turbo.enabled not be found, right click select New-> browser.turbo.enabled-> fill it with value-> true-> click ok.
then restart browser
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Command WGET

Sometimes we are faced with a problem for a lot of downloading files in a directory. However, where we downloaded was not possible to do so for some reason, misalhkan closed ports and so on. Suppose we would download hundreds or thousands of files in a directory, it is impossible to have one by one. There are tricks of wget, which can do to download the file through linux console. Following command:

wget -r -l2 --no-parent -R.html,.gif http://xxxx
note :
-r = --recursive, Turn on recursive retrieving.
--no-parent = In recursive retrievals, do not ever go up to the parent directory
-A = acclist, Specify a comma-separated list of filename suffixes or patterns to accept.
-R = rejlist, Specify a comma-separated list of filename suffixes or patterns to reject
xxxx = the name of the intended website

airaku@airaku-desktop:~$ wget -r -l2 --no-parent -R.html,.gif

and the result :
--2010-03-10 13:32:01--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Saving to: `'

[ <=> ] 364,307 105K/s in 3.4s

2010-03-10 13:32:05 (105 KB/s) - `' saved [364307]

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GBilling for Linux

Compile and install GBilling on Linux

GBilling for compilation in Linux, you need the following libraries:
GTK +> = 2:10:14
GLib> = 2:12:11 (with gthread> = 2:12:11)
SQLite> = 3:41 (only for gBilling Server)
libglade> = 2.6.0

Note: There are some Linux distributions that do not provide files for C header libglade2 as Mandriva Free 2008. You can get these files from the GNOME website.

Make sure these libraries have been installed and properly configured on your system, gBilling script has been packaged with the installation standard GNU (autoconf, automake, libtool). Compile and install the same gBilling GNU standard options package.

Download the latest version of gBilling Server and Client gBilling, compilation and installation as follows:

# tar-xzvf gbilling-server-xytar.gz # xy is the version of gBilling Server or Client gBilling
# cd server-gbilling-x.y
#. / configure
# make
# make install

You can also specify the location of the installation with configuration:

#. / configure - prefix = / apps / server

This will install in the directory / apps / server.

To uninstall do:

# make uninstall

To delete files compilation:

# make clean

To delete all the files of the compilation and configuration:

# make distclean

For more information, please see the file INSTALL in the package or gBilling Server Client gBilling.

After installation run gBilling Server or Client gBilling from the menu or directly from the shell, do the settings for the server such as your username and password set up the server, client, and logs.

for more details you can visit :
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Undelete Data in Ubuntu Linux

You never lose the data. It must have all heard that name in windows TuneUp Undelete. If you specifically Ubuntu linux users there is also a tool that namaya Foremost, this tool works scanned and the file structure on the basis of recognizing the file type

47 49 46 38 39 61
If you open a hex editor application will come "GIF89a". which means that the file type gif files.
clear information can be found at:

$ sudo apt-get install Foremost

suppose wasted in the flash data (sdc1) will then Undelete, ordered as follows:
Foremost sudo-v-T-t doc, pdf, jpg, gif-i / dev/sdc1-o / home/airaku22/recover
undelete results entered in / home/airaku22/recover, be sure to change the ownership

following command:
$ sudo chown-R airaku22 / home/airaku22/recover

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Features Dewalinux Papuma

After passing several times trial and error, re-released for DewaLinux candidate version. There were some changes made in terms of content to view the application. To view the boot prefix, papuma DewaLinux set to use splashy. And for the menus and display using the gnome desktop that are polished so as to produce an attractive display and more fresh. Well, there is considerable additional interest is the use of Google Gadgets. DewaLinux looks increasingly make this more dynamic, with Facebook include links that in fact has been horrendous virtual world universe

Do not forget to also display the standard gadget gadget-like calendar and clock that is more minimalist. Another DewaLinux new in this version, the wallpaper tray that is a shortcut to changing the wallpaper from DewaLinux. So, just click once the wallpaper will be changed automatically. Increasingly interested in trying ...

From the application side, this papuma version few applications in the previous version did not include among others:
Inkscape: graphical application for designers equipped with SK1 application to open a file type. Cdr
Acroread: application to read files of type. Pdf
wine: Applications to run application programs that were in fact is under windows
and many more new applications in this version. Deliberately did not mention the author, in order to make all interested readers to try it.

The most important part of DewaLinux papuma is the animation of the increasingly ciamik Compiz and icons are cute out. Start animation mentul-mentul, broken, fiery rounds up a fantastic desktop. Icon is also not to be outdone, the polish gimp and inkscape DewaLinux designers combines flavors muddy (DewaLinux birthplace) and the present color styles.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dewalinux Warnet

You want to make internet cafe or warnet linux-based linux? and requires a linux distro for a full cafe, very user friendly, not burden your pocket and in support of professional support? Warnet DewaLinux is the answer. Warnet DewaLinux 3.0 is an ubuntu based linux distro specifically for the cafe is developed based on the experience of running a linux-based internet cafe and have been equipped with various fitur2 and applications needed to run a linux cafe, both on the server side or client.

Warnet DewaLinux packaged in 1 DVD multidistro form. In a piece of this DVD there are two kinds of distributions that is DewaLinux DewaLinux Warnet Warnet Server and Client. All were in a state configured, so you only need to install on a server and client as much as possible, then can be operated directly without having to perform configurations difficult. Is ideal for those who want to migrate from Windows and Internet cafe for those who just want to open a cafe linux without wanting to be burdened cost-per-computer license exorbitant height.

Here are some applications that come included in the package Warnet DewaLinux 3.0

1. Gbilling - full featured billing system opensource

2. Internet Apps:
Firefox Web Browser - Fastest and Most Reliable Internet Web Browser
Pidgin IM - Multi Protocol Internet Messaging Client (YM, GTalk, MSN, FacebookChat, AIM, etc)
GyachI - Enhanced Yahoo Messenger with Webcam Support Client
XChat - Full Featured IRC client (similar to MIRC)
Transmission - Torrent Downloader  

3. Office Suite
Openoffice Writer - Word Processor
Openoffice Calc - Spreadsheet
Openoffice Impress - Presentation
Opendict - Dictionary English - Indonesia, Indonesia - English

4. Graphics
GIMP - Powerful Image Editing apps (similar to Adobe Photoshop)
Inkscape & SK1 - Vector Drawing apps (similar to Corel Draw)
F-Spot - Photo Manager apps

5. Multimedia
VLC - Full Featured Multimedia Player (with all codecs included)
Rythmbox - Music/mp3 Manager and Player (similar t0 iTunes)
Brasero - Powerful CD / DVD Burner (similar to Nero)

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to Install Dewalinux

you all are curious about the DewaLinux Papuma, can download it at Mirror Universitas Jember As is known DewaLinux is derived from Ubuntu, so installation is very similar to her mother. Here are step by step installation DewaLinux.
1. Installation Preparation

2. Start Language Selection Installation

Choose your language for easy control in the installation
3. Site Selection

Select a location by moving the mouse or direct to the existing map.
4. Keyboard Selection

5. Preparation Partitions

6. Disk partitioning

Edit partition, specify the size of which will be used to DewaLinux. Format into ext3 or ext4 and do not be served until forget to specify the swap
7. Enter your Username and Password

Fill in the name of the computer that will be used. Then enter your username and password, and the need to remember is this part because if you forget it must get ready to do the installation again.
8. Ready to Install

Here will be shown all that has been done during installation: the kind of language, keyboard, region, computer name, username and partitions course which will be formatted and then will proceed with the installation
9. Installation Process

Until this section, prepare coffee and lit a cigarette. So the time will finish the installation process and DewaLinux Papuma ready to enjoy.

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