Thursday, December 10, 2009

Features Dewalinux Papuma

After passing several times trial and error, re-released for DewaLinux candidate version. There were some changes made in terms of content to view the application. To view the boot prefix, papuma DewaLinux set to use splashy. And for the menus and display using the gnome desktop that are polished so as to produce an attractive display and more fresh. Well, there is considerable additional interest is the use of Google Gadgets. DewaLinux looks increasingly make this more dynamic, with Facebook include links that in fact has been horrendous virtual world universe

Do not forget to also display the standard gadget gadget-like calendar and clock that is more minimalist. Another DewaLinux new in this version, the wallpaper tray that is a shortcut to changing the wallpaper from DewaLinux. So, just click once the wallpaper will be changed automatically. Increasingly interested in trying ...

From the application side, this papuma version few applications in the previous version did not include among others:
Inkscape: graphical application for designers equipped with SK1 application to open a file type. Cdr
Acroread: application to read files of type. Pdf
wine: Applications to run application programs that were in fact is under windows
and many more new applications in this version. Deliberately did not mention the author, in order to make all interested readers to try it.

The most important part of DewaLinux papuma is the animation of the increasingly ciamik Compiz and icons are cute out. Start animation mentul-mentul, broken, fiery rounds up a fantastic desktop. Icon is also not to be outdone, the polish gimp and inkscape DewaLinux designers combines flavors muddy (DewaLinux birthplace) and the present color styles.

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