Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Traditional Herbs

Many of the plants around our neighborhood that are not considered useful.
Mustaches for example some cats who think just as a decoration plants. But behind it benefits from the cat's whiskers alone could shed urinary stones and kidney stones or bladder stones are generally the term or kidney stones causes the crystallization of impurities in the body produced by the body's metabolic processes that should come out with urine and feces that settle because someone was often contain my bladder so that the droppings sediment art, could also be due to lack of water intake and resulted in the corresponding strong pain at the waist.

How to vary their consumption from beverages made until now been extracted into pills or capsules. This is a way to make drinks for the treatment of urinary stone disease or kidney stones at a low stage.

We can draw on their own and without side effects.
1. Prepare 1 handful of leaves, cat whiskers can be added as a sugar cube
2. Cook leaves the cat with water mustache approximately 4 cups boiling Blimbing wait until after the chill.
3. Miinum morning, afternoon and evening. So the day may be taken three times a day
(These ingredients are made from the mother to my own father)

May the stone beads that settle in the bladder we will come out, but at first will be sick because it still comes out of stone shaped like coarse salt crystals.

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