Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GBilling for Linux

Compile and install GBilling on Linux

GBilling for compilation in Linux, you need the following libraries:
GTK +> = 2:10:14
GLib> = 2:12:11 (with gthread> = 2:12:11)
SQLite> = 3:41 (only for gBilling Server)
libglade> = 2.6.0

Note: There are some Linux distributions that do not provide files for C header libglade2 as Mandriva Free 2008. You can get these files from the GNOME website.

Make sure these libraries have been installed and properly configured on your system, gBilling script has been packaged with the installation standard GNU (autoconf, automake, libtool). Compile and install the same gBilling GNU standard options package.

Download the latest version of gBilling Server and Client gBilling, compilation and installation as follows:

# tar-xzvf gbilling-server-xytar.gz # xy is the version of gBilling Server or Client gBilling
# cd server-gbilling-x.y
#. / configure
# make
# make install

You can also specify the location of the installation with configuration:

#. / configure - prefix = / apps / server

This will install in the directory / apps / server.

To uninstall do:

# make uninstall

To delete files compilation:

# make clean

To delete all the files of the compilation and configuration:

# make distclean

For more information, please see the file INSTALL in the package or gBilling Server Client gBilling.

After installation run gBilling Server or Client gBilling from the menu or directly from the shell, do the settings for the server such as your username and password set up the server, client, and logs.

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