Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hazards of Paper Packaging

Fried confectionary became many people's favorite snacks. Tasty and crispy taste blended nicely on the tongue and into its own opium. Fries wrapped in paper or plastic bags used color, then adverse health effects can be created in multiples.

Fried lovers, beware of fried dark and textured harder than normal conditions. Possibility fried remaining merchandise is not sold out the day before and then fried again by the seller.

Fraud story not yet finished. Because no little fried snacks prepared with cooking oil that has been used repeatedly aka jelantah oil. We certainly do not turn a blind eye to the seller who only profit-oriented, without considering the impact that must be borne by the buyer is not worth eating snacks.

Danger of cooking oil

The quality of cooking oil was reduced from a new cooking oil. Oil jelantah issued polymer content that can be absorbed in the food of trans fatty acids.

And in cooking oil, a chemical free radicals, such as peroxides and epioksida the mutagens and carcinogens are thus at risk for human health. For example, the results of peroxides in the oil resulting jelantah high temperature heating to health problems, particularly those associated with cholesterol metabolism.

Hazard waste paper food wrappers

Waste paper such as newspapers, magazines, or papers that have been mixed ink very dangerous for human body because the ink is toxic lead.

"When exposed to heat or oil from the fried, the ink is soluble in the food,"

Short-term acute hazards

Fried foods that have been exposed to lead can cause burning food in the mouth and throat, excessive salivation, abdominal pain accompanied by a great sense of heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea with black stools, bleeding, constipation, fatigue, sleep disturbances, restless , irritability, kidney disorders, brain disorders with vision, numbness, seizures to paralysis.

"Death may occur due to heart failure," he said.

Hazards of long-term chronic

When ingested, lead exposure is consumed over the long term even in small amounts, causing an accumulation in body tissues, ie bone, teeth, up to the brain and can cause effects on the kidneys, liver, blood, nervous, reproductive and endocrine systems immunity.

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