Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bootable Windows with Ubuntu

Create bootable windows with ubuntu is an alternative if you do not have an cd-rom to install laptop. I apply this experience when getting a new asus laptop and want to install Windows using a usb flash because it does not have an cd-rom. It is just like using unetbootin in linux distro. The following sequence of creating a bootable flash windows using ubuntu: 1. Open a terminal and type the command : a. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:colingille/freshlight
b. sudo apt-get update
c. sudo apt-get install winusb
2. open winusb
3. Prepare iso windows and flash that will be used for bootable. after opening WinUSB, click from a disk image (.iso) and navigate to the storage directory iso windows. Make sure the flash has been detected on your computer.
4. WinUSB process will use some time
5. If completed then we will have a bootable flash drive that is ready for install windows in laptops that do not have a cd-rom.

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