Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Virtual Statistics Laboratory

Starting from a less popular software-based non-commercial one R among practitioners of statistics, Statistics Virtual Laboratory designed with toolkits based R-shiny, to create a web-GUI interfaces. With the aim of using visualization R without having to master the language R, because communication with the user can be done through a web friendly. Professor of Statistics Prof. I Made Tirta create web content form of a tutorial / handouts / lecture notes electronically simulated illustrations presented directly by R. document that is therein, also includes mathematical notation correctly through the ability LaTeX on MathJax. By using server-based Ubuntu Server and apply the r-shiny therein made interactive web makes it not only learn but also to give it a try. As I wrote earlier about building R-Shiny local computer, Virtual Laboratory Statistics is a continuation and development of the HTML for ease of application. Added also the application of Latex and MathJax through the Java language. Visitors can learn about a wide range of simulation are: Probability Freq, Mean Distributions and Normal Distribution. Demo also many show started Basic Statistics, Simple Regression, Cluster Analysis to RGraphics.
Statistics Virtual Laboratory glance similar to R-cloud that has been there, but the advantage is visitors no longer need to learn to use the language R. All the facilities have been provided and have been programmed in it are also still using the R language is always complete with the package - a package terupdatenya , As we used to know and use R-Commander, this is more interactive and web-based major has. Where and whenever can be used easily and learning becomes simple.

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