Thursday, June 12, 2014

Internal Error Ubuntu 12.04

internal error message

In ubuntu discussion this time is about error messages that often appear in the ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu users must have got the message as shown above

Users do not get a choice but to press the Continue button. This error message is inadvertently displayed in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with the goal of the developers can find out the bug / problem that can be fixed later for desktop users as we might a little disturbing because this message will appear any time if there is a bug / problem in ubuntu that we use.

There is a suggestion that this feature remains enabled, but not one as well to know a simple way to disable this feature.
1. Open a terminal or console (ctrl + alt + t)
2. Use any editor (gedit, vim, pico, nano) in this case I use vim sudo vim /etc/default/apport
3. At the line enabled = 0 to disable the content parameters, while 1 to re-activate.

vim editor to open apport

May be useful for us all

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