Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UBUNTU LTS 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

Based on the Ubuntu Developer Summit in early September 2011 Canonical has announced the release of some new things related to Ubuntu LTS 12.04 

1. 64 Bit version for the default download. At 12. 04 Ubuntu main packages that can be downloaded is a 64 bit version. Nevertheless, the 32 bit version is still available as well. As the heart, it will use the Ubuntu 12.04 kernel version 3.2. (tested with my asus x201e)

2. Require DVD or USB drive to install. 12.04 Ubuntu seem to download this file image / ISO it will size around 750 MB. This means that with that much size will not fit if it is bundled on CD. Users will need a DVD or USB Drive to install it. Of course this is a shock to the user, especially with the addition of only 50 MB file only. 

3. Drop Banshee, Back to Rhythmbox Some reports suggested that the Banshee music player - which has just added to Ubuntu as the default music player - will be replaced again with Rhythmbox. The main problem in Banshee is the lack of software maintenance process / update the application and potentially not be compatible with ARM processors. It is still discussed in the mailing list Ubuntu-Desktop. 

4. No More Mono Framework Closely related to point (3) on the abolition of Banshee, Mono Framework is also possible to be eliminated from Ubuntu. Banshee is one of the few applications that still depend on Mono (another example is the Tomboy Notes and gBrainy), Mono is an implementation of Microsoft's. NET framework that is open source. According to the Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon (written in his blog) that the Banshee and Mono problems have been fixed / finished. 

5. A much faster start up time for the Ubuntu Software Center The developers are hoping to improve the startup speed of the Ubuntu Software Center from 11 seconds to less than 2 seconds, and also continue to always make improvements Unity desktop. Ubuntu Software Center will be updated with support for multiple screenshots. 

6. Head-Up Display (HUD) Feature On January 2012, Mark Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu will incorporate new features 12.04 of Head-Up Display (HUD), which will allow the search for an application menu item only via keyboard hotkey without the need for a mouse. Shuttlework added that HUD later on in the future will replace the Unity Applications menu. 

7. A Wayland Preview. 12.04 Ubuntu while still dependent on the primary server X.Org as a graphical display system, an experiment using Wayland Graphics System to run the X11 server and it allows the (successful). In the future maybe Ubuntu will adopt Waylang Graphics System as well. 8. Gnome 3.2 Gnome 3.4 plus some packages Most of the Gnome packages on Ubuntu LTS 12:04 it will use Gnome version 3.2 of the package, but some packages of Gnome version 3.4 will reportedly be included as well, for example GTK + 3.4, Gnome Games, gedit, gcalctool, Evince and Yelp.

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