Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Review

After waiting many months, the latest ubuntu release has been published a few weeks ago. What and how the performance of the Natty this.

Here's the latest test release ubuntu 11:04 uses several different hardware. Incidentally kompeter could borrow from friends and laptop to have someone (only intel, amd who do not have the love and loans)

1. Booting requires only 50-10 seconds (I3 processors or more)
booting requires 10-30 (under the dual cores, or netbook)

2. Desktop look a little different than previous releases, since it uses unity ubuntu 11:04.

glance for Apple users if somewhat similar, because the application is on the left desktop.

3. In the latest Ubuntu, there are some applications that change, which is very striking is that Open Office is no longer a default install of ubuntu. His replacement is the Libre Office, but its user exactly like other office applications like openoffice and microsoft office. Separate also is gimp, applications for the designer is also already there when the installation is not automatic, but we can still download through the application sypnatic or via terminal (apt-get install)

4. Browser Mozilla Firefox on ubuntu still, what a coincidence when released yesterday, also firefox has just launched its latest version. To support the performance of Ubuntu users. The latest version of Firefox has become the default browser on this Natty.

5. Natty is the latest breakthrough in cloud computing. If you want to store data in the cloud of ubuntu, ubuntu just use one application. This application is suitable for users who are super mobile.

So Ubuntu Natty review, we wait for the latest terobasan in the next Ubuntu release Oneiric Ocelot 11:10

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