Thursday, October 21, 2010

SSH via web with JAVA

If at any time, you have problems with SSH in your workplace. Maybe the admin on your premises to close specific ports eg 443 or 22. This method can be effective, but there are a few tricks to put into the public html server. Maybe the hackers in cyberspace can help.

Okay, ready to empty file can use vi, vim, pico (editor unix) or notepad (windows). type the following script:



<APPLET CODE="com.mindbright.application.MindTerm.class" ARCHIVE="mindterm.jar" WIDTH=0 HEIGHT=0>

<PARAM NAME="sepframe" value="true">
<PARAM NAME="x11fwd" value="true">
<PARAM NAME="port" value="7575">




give file name eg javassh.html

as supporting files, you can support the jar file (mindterm.jar). You can search via google.

good luck.

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