Monday, July 12, 2010

Auto Mount Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

Auto mount on Ubuntu 10:04 Lucid Lynx occasionally make the user be careful in mengakases a partition. Just imagine if someone can access a partition or a directory with no password asked again. This version, is very easy for nuebi at ubuntu.

For that there are some tricks that are used to maintain security. There are two options in the resolution of this issue is with the terminal or GUI.

A. With the GUI
1. Install pysdm (Storage Device Manager)
2. Could use: apt-get install pysdm or by searching in sypnaptic pysdm
3. Search in the System - administration - Storage Device Manager
4. Open and Click sda or hda
5. After clicking Ok, Choose Assistant
6. There will appear the options to auto-mount or not when booting ubuntu
7. Apply and make Once completed reboot

B. Terminal
1. Open a terminal window on your computer
2. Type sudo vi / etc / fstab
3. Determine which partition will be mounted or not
for example like this: (sda5 will automount)
proc / proc proc defaults 0 0
# / Was on / dev/sda5 During installation
UUID = 30d28e71-a8d6-48be-b463-f79b610bc838 / ext3 relatime, errors = remount-ro 0 1

The above also applies to folders or directories, it's just easier to manage. Do rename like this:

original name: coba_coba
destination name. coba_coba
command: mv coba_coba. coba_coba

The most important thing is to know the permissions from the folder, chmod-rwx can use to determine the permission of the folder.


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